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February 19, 2007



Easily the best single thing about college for me was arguing with my friend Suzy about the nature of conscious experience and the possibility of explaining it using computational models. Clearly blogs can't support those kinds of arguments in the slightest, but fortunately for me I don't care about any of that bunk any more.


Ah good ol' Nato, you amuse me. Nathanael makes a lot of good points. "The college experience" is worth the price of admission, I've found. It is also true that I enjoy certain things more because of college than I would have otherwise. The best thing that college gave me, though, was confidence in my abilities with respect to the rest of humanity; it made me realize that I'm not so different from those that are considered the great genius' and prodigies of history, that there's no intellectual endeavor beyond my grasp. That's actually a really big deal for me, considering that for most of my childhood and teen years I thought I was too stupid to go to college, and I had no encouragement from family or teachers in that regard.


The realization that there is no "intellectual endeavor" that is beyond my grasp, only serves to show me that my heroes are phonies, that the great minds, are not special or above the life day to day drama and shallow bullshit that I so dispies in my fellow humans. There is no escape from these monkeys who prater on about "OMG she said... oh no, he didn't... yeah but I found out that, blah blah blah". It turns out that academia is no escape into an ivory tower where we can cast out humanity in favor of the pure reason, removed from such nonsense as jealousy, territorial disputes, economic conflicts, and general social posturing. In fact it seems academia is full to the brim with the very same retarded monkey doings as any episode of "the real world".

Though I cry out against it time and time again "Do what thou WILT" no one hears, there is no escape, and I continue to be surrounded by stupid monkeys with their stupid monkeys problems, that are of no concern to me, other than that they are made to concern me.

In short, before university education I was surrounded by idiots after university, I am still surrounded by idiots.

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