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February 15, 2007



An interesting conceptual side-point about the Earth's carrying capacity: If we all lived in 300 square meter homes (75 square meters per person, but I assume families of four) inside buildings that were 500 meters high with 100+ meter green spaces around each building*, we could actually fit housing for 4 billion people in the Los Angeles metropolitan area without breaking a sweat. There's plenty of space on the planet for everyone for a long, long time as long as we don't irresponsibly incentivize counterproductive and scarcity-exacerbating economic choices.


The asterisk was supposed to reference the exact plan as a couple of engineers and I worked it out so one can do the highly surprising calculations for oneself, but then I decided that stuff wasn't as important.

I should probably also note that there's no requirement that everything be so precisely-the-same as the plan we used; it just made calculation much easier to settle on a single workable design that yielded a good quality of life and see where we could get with it.

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