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March 28, 2007



I suspect the most reliably achievable approach for something with such a long horizon would have to be shopped to a large firm with a research unit. I think VCs are right out. They have to cycle their capital fairly quickly to keep all the balls in the air and even if they didn't, the possibility of a large corporation advancing a similar product in the meantime or even shortly after introduction would present an unacceptable risk profile. That said, high profile individuals (not merely private investors) with a great deal of money - Steve Jobs being the archetype here - might back a high visibility, visionary product if you could somehow gain access. For the Steve Jobs case, I think all the present group of people would need is to get advice from a good IP lawyer and probably a discreet marketing consultant*. For pitching to a major corporation, you would probably need the marketing person to actually be on the team* and you'd need to throw in the services of a good contract lawyer.

My two cents, anyway.

*While a major corporation would regard a presentation from a polished marketer a sign of professionalism, the billionaires would almost certainly not entertain anything they regard as BS.


Oh, and I think both the corporations and the billionaires could easily either provide or identify whatever other staff necessary to bring the project to fruition.

Incidentally, if it hadn't already been done, I would have said that in both cases you would need business modeling, but I assume the economic modeling to address the same topics.

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