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April 01, 2007



I have not heard of Muslims calling Israelis crusaders - rather the Israeli state is referred to as the 'zionist entity' and the Israelis themselves as occupiers. At least, that's the newspaper version; colloquial references are generally less polite. Perhaps Tom will have heard of such a thing.

That said, since most in the Middle East freely conflate the US and its client state Israel (or Israel and its duped Christian proxy - the two views seem superimposed in most Arab minds) much of the time, referring to the whole unit as a crusader enterprise isn't unusual.

Certainly the drawing of parallels isn't unfounded in the slightest, since once again a foreign state was imposed in the midst of Muslim Arabic lands. The big difference is that the ideological shoe is on the other foot in a number of ways. The Muslims generally had superior technology and, during Saladin's day, more coherence than the squabbling crusaders, but the crusader soldiers were fanatical enough to make up for it, to some extent. Of course, the Israelis are pretty committed as well, and remain generally outnumbered, so not all aspects have changed. Whatever the case, I think the contrast is an upsetting one for the Arab world, since inability to dislodge the interlopers is regarded as a symbol of the degradation of the True Faith, born as it was in sweeping military victories.


I think only intellectual Arabs refer to western aggressors as Crusaders. I have heard the Arabic word for "Crusader" a few times on intellectual talk shows on TV, usually used by a professor or theologian. I seem to recall one of them even calling Bush a Crusader. But as far as the Israelis go, I don't recall ever hearing them referred to as Crusaders. In non-talkshow circles, Israelis and Americans are referred to with epithets and insults, such as "sons of dogs", "dirty ones", and the like.


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Well, I'm glad that over. No crusaders needed today for capturing and holding Jerusalem for Christendom because now it's a holy city for all religious and beliefs..we all can share it together :)

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Truth is the torch, but also a huge torch. Therefore, we want to go over his eyes, or even worried about being burned.

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Truth is the torch, but also a huge torch. Therefore, we want to go over his eyes, or even worried about being burned.

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Clearly the truth is visible.

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The crusades were a really black for humanity. I don't think that it was the way to go. If you want to spread your belief to other people.

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