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April 18, 2007



I have deep, deep grudges against Wolfowitz; an unusual state of affairs because his profile is very much of the sort with whom I tend to get along best: academic, idealist, socially liberal and of the belief that these things were worth defending. The memory of 2003 and 2004, however, will always paint his image red in my mind's eye.

Reason tells me it's very likely that nothing very wrong happened here, though I don't see their probity so above-and-beyond as does Hitchens. Even so, I have a very difficult time blaming those who suspect him so deeply and reflexively. Many take the same position on Powell (about whom I am not very conflicted about defending, since he didn't offend me so egregiously) without half the justification. Further, I think a very large percentage of those people viewed him as a disgraced unilateralist, and his ascendancy to lead their internationalist organization was seen as a slap in their faces.

It doesn't really fit my conception of justice, but those who believe in Karma will probably perceive a debt being called in.

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