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April 17, 2007



I dunno - aren't the dinosaurs and wooly mammoths evocative of nostalgia?

On another note, I can easily imagine a few slight changes in circumstance that might have made me prone to high-school-days nostalgia. I was, by my senior year, a fairly happy fellow who mostly enjoyed school life. I had largely mastered evading justice for my occasional truancy, no longer needed to worry about my grades, had somehow achieved a great deal of confidence in social and romantic matters, and felt sanguine about my future.

Very little of this could have been possible without my profound ignorance in a variety of matters. The school which had accepted me exam-only was destined to be intellectually disappointing, my assumption that the business world and relative affluence would satisfy those ambitions unrelated to family and facilitate those that were was mistaken, I discovered that many whole groups whose friendships seemed healthy turned out to be poisoned and backbiting, and damned if I didn't learn to regret having skipped Calculus so much my junior year. Finally, of course, the subsequent life trajectory of my first girlfriend proved that I had never really known her.

I could have remained ignorant of all of this either indefinitely or for much longer than it turned out, and I might always have remembered High School as a time when I had a handle on everything and the future looked bright. I suppose that would be nice in itself, but I'm not sure I could have had that cake and learned my lesson too.

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