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April 11, 2007



You may or may not realize this, but the movie "300" is actually based on the graphic novel of Frank Miller by the same name. Frank Miller, of course, based his graphic novel entirely on the historical battle. I just wanted to point out that the movie was stylized the way it was in order to imitate the style in the graphic novel. Personally, I don't know why the movie has gotten such great reviews. I thought it was inferior to the other Frank Miller graphic novel turned movie "Sin City". I guess I just prefer my real history to be portrayed realistically, whereas I can tolerate fantasy and glorification more in work that is complete fiction. Before I knew what "300" was based on, I hoped that it would try to find some way to portray the battle faithfully. It would have been amazing to see this small band of Greeks fighting from behind a pile of their slain enemies in a realistic context. Needless to say, I was fairly disappointed by my movie experience.


Also worth noting is that most credit the strategy of crippling the Persians navally came from Themistocles and proved extremely effective. I think most historians agree that the Spartan strategy would have failed, had the Athenians not won out over them.

 300 (2006)

Thank you fro review. I think it is worth to watch this movie in theater. This is good movie with some good scene. I would like to watch this movie once again.

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