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April 11, 2007



Have you read "Long Way Gone:Memoirs of a Boy Soldier"? Excellent little book.


And I would definitely laud cinema that turns away from the profoundly introverted and largely trivial fare with which the entertainment industry currently diverts us.

Joyless Moralist

Yeah, Blood Diamond is a great movie, and "A Long Way Gone" is also quite good. It does make you realize that there's no reason why violent/exciting stories need to be escapist.

 Blood Diamond (2006)

I saw this movie last year. I think, Blood Diamond is most disappointing movie. I didn't like even a single scene of this movie. Some people also liked it. I think it is average type movie.


I hate to imagine the changes that will be presented shortly, we have seen 3D movies in HD, BlueRay and want to see who will come after this I'm anxious.


I love Leonardo DiCaprio. I like him in the movie of Titanic. you are right the story of Blood Diamond is a new genre. But Blood Diamond is not a best movie it is just fine.

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It's a great movie and Leonardo do not disappoint as always, brilliant act! I actually watched it three times and now when i read the post i think i'm going to watch that movie again.

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after the war, what did a soldier became?

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