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April 09, 2007



That's a huge fine and a huge temporary worker fee. How about "10K *or* you have to go back and reapply". Then, if they've been upstanding citizens as are most immigrants, documented or otherwise, they'll be able to either pay the fine or borrow for it. And as for the $3500 worker visa - one shouldn't have to "apply" for that, except in the sense that it can be revoked if the concurrent investigation for which the fee pays reveals that you're a very bad person. I don't see a reason for subsequent worker visas to cost nearly so much.

I don't like the employer-sponsored version, since it's really good for no one except recruiter middle-men who make money mitigating the scheme's inefficiency. The company has to go through more to find foreign employees (and tends to be screwed if they make a mistake), the employee becomes a semi-captive worker, and the other employees have to compete with lower-wage semi-captive workers. In the visa goes with the worker, the work comes to the company, the worker can get a fair price and the other employees only have to compete with the fair price.

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