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May 13, 2007


Val Larsen

Interesting take on possible roots of the difference in American and European psychology. Of course, it is unlikely that if Hitler had been more liberal in his war aims, he would have been able to convince his people to sacrifice so much life and treasure for the sake of liberating the oppressed Russians. Certainly, if the U.S. is any guide, the altruism of a democratic polity is pretty limited when it comes to fighting a war to liberate another people. There had to be a sense that we were threatened to convince us to go to war. And despite the historically small cost--and says a JAG officer on CSPAN today, good prospects of victory if we persist--it now looks like we may well abandon the effort to create a democratic Iraq. If the U.S. with it relatively much greater power cannot sustain this effort, there is no real prospect that a liberal Hitler could have successfully prosecuted the hypothetical war Nathaniel discusses.

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That would be the perfect term for me. I can see the connections here.

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