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May 29, 2007



I don't agree with the phony comment, but I do agree that their logic is flawed. But all the arguments for and against the points system are irrelevant anyway: it is extremely easy to falsify qualifications, or to get really cheap educational certificates. How in the world are the feds going to be able to vet these qualifications? It's impossible. What the points system will end up doing is allow the people who are devious enough to falsify documents in to our country while keeping the honest people without an education out of the country. I think the points system is a bad idea and a waste of time and money. It will create more immigration bureaucracy while having very little intended effect.

Nathan Smith

Well, I don't know that it's as hard to certify qualifications as all that. We don't certify every foreign institution. You can cultivate links with reputable universities, and they have an incentive to preserve their ability to credential emigrants to the US by proving that their documents can't be forged, or by helping the US to verify it.

But I agree that the points system is not the best way to select immigrants. It's better to use taxes. The points system mostly just creates rents for foreign universities.

Nathan Smith

Still, at least the points system is somewhat meritocratic. Privileging relatives just intensifies the birthism that characterizes our citizenship and immigration system.

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