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May 23, 2007



Personally, the more I read about the bill, the more worried it makes me. Basically, I tend to doubt the dems will bother to liberalize the bill later if they obtain 1600 Pennsylvania, since they'll already own the immigrant vote. On the other hand if 2008 is another GOP bloodbath, the Dems might feel invincible enough to pander to *its* base which, in this case, happens to be more in the right.

Nathan Smith

I think the provisions will be eroded as much by lawyers and courts as new legislation. Even if not, I don't generally like obstructing beneficial-in-itself changes today to hold out for better ones later. It seems at odds with the idea that we should achieve a consensus when we can.

The $5,000 fine I don't mind at all. I think that's actually a step in the right direction, namely the direction of taxing immigration rather than restricting it.

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