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June 02, 2007


Nathan Smith

I remember that. I was England. I was winning when we quit, but you never know with Diplomacy... I might have proven to have over-reached myself if we'd continued.


That's right! Wasn't Chris Turkey? And I think I was Italy. I can't remember who else was playing. Chris back-stabbed me too. I don't know why anyone ever trusts that guy!


@Nathan: That's right, you had 18 territories. Aubrey, Erik and I had just formed an alliance when we quit. You seemed really different then than you do on this blog.

BTW, did you disapprove of my comment about Nazi Germany on your post on the relationship between economic growth and democracy? I posted that before I posted on this thread.

@Tom: I've never seen somebody get so annoyed at a Diplomacy back-stab as you did at Chris (or is it Kris?), Tom.

BTW, I'm not just teaching anymore. I went in on a joint-venture and now I'm doing mostly sales and curriculum work.

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