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June 21, 2007



It seems we can hardly agree about anything!

I lived in various parts of SoCal for almost half my life, and I'd say it's a rare place and moment when it smells good. Now, compared to the fetid southeast, I'm sure it's a nice change, but Colorado beats SoCal with a stick.

Also, San Diego's climate is much nicer than that of most places in SoCal. Ventura and the western LA basin are comparable, but most inland areas tend to alternate between hot and hotter and smell like oily asphalt on the rare days it rains. I like it much, much better here on the SF Peninsula.


I was born in the San Diego area and grew up in Boulder, and I will say that both places are really great. San Diego is the most temperate place I've ever been to, though, Nato is right that when you get closer to the LA basin, the pollution is noxious. Boulder is fairly temperate for its geographic location, not too hot and not too cold. The lack of humidity probably has something to do with that. But Denver's air quality is actually worse than LA's on occasion due to the same basin effect and the thin atmosphere. There are sometimes fire burning restrictions due to poor air quality.

San Diego and Boulder are great; LA and Denver are not as great. That's my take.

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