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July 16, 2007



The legal status of an immigrant seems to me to be of the utmost importance to opponents of immigration. It's a sad fact that there are so many people who blindly believe in following laws without ever thinking about whether or not those laws are just and should even exist. Whenever I get into an argument with someone about immigration, they're always quick to point out that they're only against illegal immigration and not immigration in general. Even when I enumerate all the ways in which the current immigration laws are unjust, they still stubbornly see it as a black-and-white issue of breaking the law. I think your points about socialism and crime also fit into the anti-immigration mindset somewhere, but that is not the crux of the anti-immigration position, as far as I can tell.


The big problem with communicating with anti-"illegal" immigration zealots is that they never separate the ethics from the legality.

Murder is unethical because it is taking a human life, not because it is illegal.

Speeding is unethical (theoretically) because you endanger another driver on the road, not because it is illegal.

Rape is unethical because you deny another person the ability to forego sexual activity, not because it is illegal.

Illegal immigration is unethical because you don't pay taxes for the federal/state/city protection of goods and services, not because it is illegal.

If illegal immigrants are willing to pay off their debt to society in back taxes, they should be able to stay. If not, their wages should be garnished until they do.

Likewise, any and all individuals who are willing to come to work and pay taxes should be able to come.

Val Larsen

The South Africa Apartheid = World Apartheid analogy is illuminating and rhetorically effective, though the point about socialism being the main motive for the apartheid
undercuts the analogy since South Africa wasn't notable for
its socialism.

Val Larsen

Most of the illegals I know (and I know a lot of them in our area) do pay taxes. They work with false Social Security numbers. These people almost never work off the books when they can work on them (with false documents) because pay and benefits are much better when one is employed by larger companies that could never get away with paying employees off the books. New arrivals without false documents are forced to work off the books in restaurants or small businesses and are sometimes cheated with no recourse by their employers. The employers get most of the untaxed benefit--by paying wages that are below legal minimums.

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