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July 17, 2007



Ironic that he's now considered a Bush loyalist. Back in days when Bush was popular McCain was considered a staunch critic.

Nathan Smith

Yes, it is ironic, but there's a reason for it. The public mood has swung from over-rating Bush to under-rating him. In 2001-2 he had the highest approval ratings in US history; then over five years his appproval ratings gradually sunk lower and lower. Americans were too positive on Bush in 2002, now they're too negative on him. McCain hasn't really changed that much: he's always been critical of him on spending, on not sending enough troops to Iraq, on torture, and a few other things, and he's always supported the war in Iraq, reality-based immigration policy, etc. (He changed his mind on tax cuts, which I don't blame him for since I also changed my mind on that.) Public opinion has swung against Bush, mostly for bad reasons: groundless economic fears; the shocking discovery that in wars people sometimes get killed; and the fashion of Bush-hatred sold by singers and Hollywood starlets and the intelligentsia. McCain hasn't gone in for this foolishness, and his position vis-a-vis Bush has stayed fairly constant. But *relative to the rest of the country* he has gone from being a Bush critic to a Bush loyalist. Good for him.


Oh, I did intend to the highlight the changes in the perception of McCain, not any putative shift in his own positions.


If McCain became Giuliani's running mate and made clear he still won't countenance torture, it would help a lot.


Kind of a moot point since Ron Paul has the only chance of defeating the Dems in 2008 :P

Vote for Ron Paul!!!


I was contemplating for whom I'd vote if Ron Paul got the GOP nom. Right now, I really don't know - which is saying something, considering how upset I am with the Republicans these days.

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