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July 18, 2007



I'm sure Romney would "turn out" to have very popular positions, whatever those may be.


I think it's funny that they include Fred Thompson in those polls when he hasn't even officially declared yet. Of course, all of these polls are pretty meaningless, as I don't think anyone thought John Kerry was going to be the nominee at this same stage for the previous election. In fact, I seem to recall Kerry firing his entire campaign staff at this same juncture, kind of like what McCain just did. If Ron Paul didn't get the nomination, I would prefer it to go to McCain. They're the only two candidates from the Republican party I wouldn't mind winning the general, which is kind of ironic considering how different they both are policy-wise. I guess I just trust them both more than the others, I respect them more and what they've done in their lives, and I appreciate the fact that they both study the issues and take nuanced positions. But in the general, Ron Paul is the only Republican I would seriously consider voting for. I just wouldn't mind that much if McCain won, that's all.

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