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August 22, 2007



Clinton supported the war, supports the surge, wants to increase military spending, and won't take a pre-emptive nuclear strike off the table. She is easily the most hawkish of all the major Democratic contenders, and she's winning in most of the polls. Not that I support her, or anything. I just thought you were painting the Democrats with too broad a brush. Also, I wouldn't exactly say that the entire Republican party only wants peace.

Clinton speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars:

I seriously doubt these guys are Democrats:

Nathan Smith

Well, I'm suggesting a campaign slogan. It's understood that there's a little bit of propaganda in them. Of course, the situation may have changed enough by 2008 that the idea will no longer be relevant.


Politics qua campaign gamesmanship is so disheartening. I understand that one must translate public statements through that filter, but this engagement with rhetorical jockeying is, in mind a necessary evil.

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