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September 22, 2007



I cannot tell you how excited I am that I found your blog. This is wonderfully written and very precisely captures the excitement I personally felt when I heard Bruce sing this on Storytellers with his narratives interspersed.

"Whatever divinity we can lay claim to is hidden in the core of our humanity and when we let our compassion go, we let go of whatever claim we have to the divine."
B. Springsteen

Good job. Great research.


This is a truly beautiful song, and is a huge affirmation that Bruce Springsteen is so deeply and truly connected to the common human experience, that he, in my mind, is worthy of the label "divine".

I also look at this song as a way to illustrate the more common human experience - that our children, who we bring into this world, have a destiny all their own. We can prepare them only so much, but they have to face that destiny alone.

Thank you for the post - I just googled this song and yours is the first I clicked on. Based upon your writing in this post, I will read your other writings with great interest.


i find myself falling into your "good agnostic" category, and yet, i am christian. i am born again. i am a son of God. the word of God is my entire life. and through all this...i detest religion. mainly for how it has contorted and counterfeited the bible. dogmas that have lived on as if they were doctrine, things men made up, like that jesus is God. Jesus is the Son of God. that's it. he IS human. he received Holy Spirit from his father, just like i have now because i believe on his name. the humanity is the only reason for me to believe in and admire what jesus went through and did for all of us. i've always said that if it weren't for him and God being SEPERATE, i'd stop believing today. the trinity is a trick and a lie to draw people away from the accuracy of the bible so that they miss out on the power that is in it. i like this song because it isn't showing jesus as God...for once somebody got it right.

Nathan Smith

I think the Gospel of John makes the divinity of Jesus pretty clear.


Why does it matter?

Nathan Smith

You mean, why does it matter whether Jesus was divine? Or why does it matter whether the Gospel of John makes it pretty clear that He was? I was just pointing out that you can't accuse the Church of "counterfeiting the Bible" by asserting the divinity of Christ. Obviously an appeal to the Gospel of John is not a persuasive argument for the divinity of Christ unless you are pre-committed to believing the Bible. As for why the divinity of Christ matters, that can't be explained both adequately and briefly, at least not by me; but the "good news" (Gospel) is about how God has renewed / is renewing a world spoiled by sin and death, in which all good things will pass away, and will raise mankind and the earth to a state of new glory. In becoming a human being and dying, God united us, inasmuch as we accept the gift, into his Body and Blood, and into his Resurrection. No, that isn't particularly clear; it's the sort of thing that you contemplate for a whole lifetime, and may learn great wisdom and receive great joy thereby, without ever comprehending it. It is a "mystery," in the lofty, ancient sense of the word.


"why does it matter whether Jesus was divine?" Versus receiving holy spirit or whatever. It seems like there's a lot of potential construals that would come out to the same thing. But I understand there's probably a ton of theological reasoning about it with implications that wouldn't occur to me. I guess the reason I ask is because frequently it sounds like there are extravagant claims encoded in these disputes that are rarely unpacked. Maybe I just watch long enough because I have no dog in the fight.


As C. S. Lewis said, it is part of the deep magic--which amounts to a mystery so profound that it can give people hope and faith in a profoundly fallen world. I think it matters a great deal that Jesus was divine because only a divine being would have the--for lack of better words--authority and power to transform both the world and the individual, but in very unexpected ways--through humility and love.

Errol Marks

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