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October 26, 2007



If one can wave a magic wand and bloodlessly change the regime to a modern liberal democracy, there's no argument against. In order to offer an argument against, one would have to hear how exactly one is to bring about that regime change. I, for one, have low confidence in the ability of 120mm HEAT rounds to stand in for the magic wand.

Nathan Smith

Probably wouldn't be too bloody an affair. Who would want to resist? Still, the odds of a velvet revolution are good enough that we might do just as well to wait.


I would presume their army as well as those cozy with the regime would want to resist, but that's probably not the worst worry, which is ensuing lawlessness. Probably the problem is not nearly as great as in Iraq, but, as Nathan points out, the chances of a velvet revolution are fairly high - much higher than they were in Iraq.

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