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December 31, 2007



Oddly, my main character is devout in the overwhelmingly dominant faith of her society, despite that her somewhat-embittered father is lapsed and occasionally heretical. I sometimes wonder if I write her interaction with her idea of the Gods accurately.

Ultimately, of course, my novels are not theological in character, so there's a fundamental difference. That peoples' view of the divine/sublime must inform the rest of their lives is probably accurate, in those who live an examined life.

Nathan Smith

That is interesting... None of the characters in my novel are particularly devout.

Nathan Smith

Sorry, meant to write more... Interesting that we try to write characters on the other side... The problem with writing a devout character for me is that they have to be devout in some particular religion. It would be difficult for me to write a character who was devout in any religion other than mine, and that narrows the potential audience, because the non-devout might find it hard to understand the character. Also, when I came up with the plotline for this novel I was maybe less devout than now, although I'm not sure, that's a hard thing to know about oneself. But I think so.

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