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January 30, 2008



Thankfully Hugh Hewitt is turning out to be less of a prophet.

I could go for a McCain/Paul ticket. I read someone else who predicted a Romney/Paul ticket, which I might be able to stomache, but probably not. Somehow I doubt anyone, other than Kucinich, would choose Paul as a running mate. However, Paul might just get enough delegates to be the king-decider, much like Edwards.

So, let's assume that Brothers Judd really is a prophet. Who does McCain choose as a running mate? McCain has been the biggest Bush cheerleader of all of the candidates, and Fred Thompson was the Bush establishment choice, and McCain inherited most of Fred's campaign team, so Fred seems like the most obvious choice. But Giuliani has been massaging McCain's ego more than any other candidate, which means he has probably been hedging his bets in the case he didn't win the nomination. My guess is that when Huckabee drops out, he will endorse and praise McCain as well, hoping to get the VP nod. Poor Romney probably won't get any endorsements from the failed contenders.

Nathan Smith

A McCain/Paul ticket would be something. Talk about maximizing the incentives for presidential assassination! Jihadists and crazed libertarians would both have huge incentives to do the deed.


Oh, I suppose nearly everyone in the world would have incentive, even most Americans, because Paul would be a much better President than McCain.

Nathan Smith

Uh, even if we entertain the ludicrous supposition that that's true, it's still a fact that most Americans don't *think* Paul would be a better President than McCain. Most of us hold the belief that he's a fool, with clownish beliefs on economics and a poisonous mix of naivete and paranoia in foreign affairs. I think the incentive to assassinate McCain would be limited to the Paulistas, who are, let's better in mind, a small minority of the population.

Joyless Moralist

But, let's not forget, there are some real wackos among the Paulistas, so there'd likely be somebody crazy enough to pull it off.

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