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March 10, 2008



Allow me to tell you what they knew that you didn't... its a class thing.
The one flaw in your portrayal of Malawi is that you have forgotten us upper class Malawians. We exhibit all the traits you have described, including servants and private schools. We run businesses. Why make apologies, its a priviledged life, money can import an impressive collection of books and give us things to 'do'. Money protects our property with secure fences and guard dogs. how is this a betrayal of the ethos of democracy? this is the epitome of capitalism! What do you mean that we don't live on the level of 'the people'? we are malawians, show me a country without rich elite!
You hit the nail on the head, its an aristocracy. Malawian society is stratified by class (not race). There are Malawians in each class, indeed there are a variety of races in each class. All the people rich enough to go to four seasons do socialise together... the indians and whites you met were friendly to each other... and friendly to you... because you're all upper class. I assure you there are upper class Malawians at four seasons socialisng without racism!
However there is prejudice between all classes, a slight disdain for those worse-off, but surely this is true the world over.
The brilliance of Naipaul's book is that it tackles the clashing of different classes, as well as addressing the interplay of different racial identities.

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