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August 30, 2008



"4. Isn't democracy amazing? In most societies it would take bloody revolution, or at best a sordid palace intrigue, for a small-town mom to rise to #2 in the country. America, where commoners can turn into kings. It doesn't happen often. But still."

How about a first-generation American black kid who's father left he and his mother in poverty? Oh, but he's arrogant because he dared to be #1 as opposed to #2. Nice.

Nathan Smith

Yes, Obama's rise is inspiring too. Even though I do hold his excessive ambition against him.

And the difference, as I explained, is that Palin didn't decide to run for president. She was picked. It can be arrogant to seek a job-- to claim to be qualified for it-- but not to accept the same job when it is offered to you, i.e., when *someone else* whose judgment you respect calls you to it.

For example, I sing in a church choir. If I were to go to the priests and say, "I should be the director of this choir," that might be arrogant. If they were to approach me and say, "Can you direct the choir?" I might say, "Well, I have some of the skills, and I think I'll be able to learn the others. It's an honor. Yes, I'll give it my best effort." That's not arrogant. It might even be humble.


I think when someone steps forward to take on awesome responsibility we generally, in the English language, call that "leadership", like being the "Director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes", for instance. "Arrogance" is another word that could be used, albeit inappropriately.


Actually, Palin supported the Bridge to Nowhere until it became clear that Alaska's congressional power was insufficient to make the Federal Government pay for it.

I give Palin full credit on the oil company bit, though I have to say that the huge windfall that Alaska has enjoyed because of high commodity prices has made it very easy be popular, as many governments around the world have discovered.

Also, Obama has 1) made rules that PAC money is not to be accepted and 2) forced the DNC to agree to the same rules. That does make it more difficult for special interests to sway the campaign monetarily.

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