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August 08, 2008


Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

The President should put all nuclear forces on alert and inform the Russians the incursion into Georgia must stop immediately else the US will come to the aid of the oppressed.


There's no need for nuclear histrionics. I envision this playing out much the same as Afghanistan in the 80s. Equip the Georgians with javelins or A-10s or whatever the tank killer du jour happens to be (I don't pretend to know) and step back. The Russian armored columns shown in the news are completely indefensible.

Thanks so much for translating this discussion. It seems that no one in the world has less respect for America than we ourselves.


I wish these were a bunch of morons on a random internet forum... but considering they still have Putin around and are invading another state next door....

Pat Patterson

Judging from some of the same kind of comments on several other web sites I would say the reference to the "propaganda machine," is CNN. Which seems to have done its usual poor job of mixing captions on photos and then denying they made any mistake.


Well, there are two reasons Russians think they should care about Southern Ossetia.
(1) "The Great Russia" does not need to explain to anyone anything it does on the territiru of the USSR.
(2) There are a lot of documented Russian citizens in Southern Ossetia.

The first does not need to be commented on, but the second , I think , should be. Over the course of last 5-10 years, especially since Georgia publicly turned its back on Russia, it was almost easier to obtain a Russian passport in Ossetia and Abkhazia than in Moscow. Russian government almost recruited citizens there, attracting them with pensions and benefits among other things. When anyone says that Russia has a right to protect its citizens, a very disturbing historical analogy raises its head: remember the PR surrounding Germany's expansion prior to Barbarossa plan? Occupations of Baltic states (and Poland IIRC) had been done, among other things, under the banner of protecting German citizens who were supposedly being endangered. German citizens who had been declared as such in the few years prior to the events.

Then there's the are the times when people mention supposed links between Georgia and Chechen terrorists. What seems to have been forgotten is the fact that it was one of the separatist "governments" that had been caught actually cooperating with Chechens a few years ago, meaning Russia had almost directly financed the training of some of those terrorists. The analog describing that would be.... US approving financial aid to Afghanistan after the Taliban refused to turn over Osama.

Also... please remember that MSM are still pervasive in Russia, and generally extremely loyal to the central government. Thus the general public generally sees a rather skewed picture of events, which explains the location of the center of gravity in discussion (again somewhat reminiscent of Germany in the beginning of the 20th century)..


BBC - Военно Воздушные Силы. Air Force.

фас - command you give to a dog to attack.

довесок - when you sell something by weight, you cut a big piece aiming for the desired weight approximately, then, if it is not enough, you add a smaller piece, "довесок" - for full measure.

сказать, что так было - to say that it "was like this before us".

ЮО, СО - South Osetia, North Osetia.

ждут отмашки - waiting for the signal (hand signal, waving that means to begin something)

якобы мирные города - allegedly peaceful cities

а они все в бывший союзный формат ломятся - the idea is that Georgians WANT to push themselves back into the USSR-style joint country with Russia.

Nathan Smith

Wow. Thanks!


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