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September 18, 2008



I hit on this strategy when I was obsessed with odds in middle school. As long as your existing money stock is infinite, I thought, you can't lose. Later on, of course, I started to understand that if rounds of betting took appreciable time the opportunity costs would outweight winnings. But now that I know about high finance I can ask: what if your credit is infinitely good, so you can have that stock at a much lower cost? Then you win even more easily! Right?


I'm sure this is evident to everyone, but with finite money, the Las Vegas strategy still loses assuming one gambles for an indefinite amount of time. You can actually beat the house, statistically, in a game like 21 using sophisticated counting and odds playing techniques, but that's pretty much the only game.

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Unfortunately every casino in the world has table limits for this very reason...

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hahaha maybe if people follow this, they will have money, but gamers are gamers doesn't matter if they loose or win.

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This is called the Gambler's fallacy, check it out on wikipedia.


This isn't the Gambler's fallacy. It's called the Martingale betting system (look it up on wikipedia). It would succeed if you had unlimited wealth, number of bets, and time. But obviously, no one has that. The problem is that there is always a chance you'll lose a huge amount of money while the amount of money you can ever gain is very small. It's the opposite of what most people want which is a small chance of winning a huge amount and a large chance of losing a small amount with each roll. Instead, you have a small chance of losing a huge amount and a large chance of gaining a small amount with each roll.

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