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September 01, 2008



If it were Cold War I, I would be sympathetic to the idea that we must deal with dictators, though in retrospect I think it probably hurt as often as it helped. Engagement with countries can help draw them out of their authoritarian crouch, but if our primary worry is to oppose Russia, then I can hardly see how anyone would benefit. Certainly, it would reinforce perceptions that the US' guiding foreign policy goal is to prevent the rise of competing hegemons rather than to craft a more democratic and humane world order. It will come back to bite us.

Nathan Smith

re: "It will come back to bite us."

Yeah, maybe, but will it bite us as badly as the Russians did in Georgia, or will in Ukraine and who knows where else if they're not stopped? Is it as dangerous as the copycats who will start engaging in aggression elsewhere if it looks like Russia got away with it?

The US is for democracy. But we're for a law-based world order, too, and that's more important. As for "competing hegemons," we should do what we can to promote China's influence in central Asia as a counter-weight to the Russians. China is a responsible status quo power. Russia is ground zero of a dangerous political virus that could infect the whole world if it isn't stopped.

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