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December 15, 2008



I don't think the chaos will be very "creeping." With the sudden and severe downturn, I think the upswing will be pretty quick.

As for the rest of the justification for abandoning Afghanistan to its misery, well, it was breathtaking.

Nathan Smith

Of course, I'd love to be wrong. But I'm pretty pessimistic about anything good coming from this war... Also, I'm not sure that the various objectives the US might have are consistent. The war on terror, the humanitarian mission, and the war on drugs (or at least an unwillingness to be complicit in the poppy industry) may be at odds in many ways. And Obama is about the worst man on earth to make controversial, definite, hard-headed decisions. Maybe Petraeus can save the situation. But all in all, I doubt the West's mission there will do much good.

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