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January 07, 2009



I personally don't thing the Mumbai attacks have nothing to do with US politics; the subcontinent is unusually detached in that respect. That said, one could also interpret attacks coming now because it's the last chance to have *Bush* as a foil, so it's now or never. Gaza is way too complex for me to interpret, especially with as little detailed knowledge as I have about the various actors and the chronology, but I am suspicious of attempts to view it through the lens of US political developments.

Joyless Moralist

Was that double negative intended, Nato? I guess not.

Though one wouldn't want to make the mistake of assuming that everything turns on US politics, it does certainly seem to me that Obama is exactly the sort of figure that Islamists would hold in utter contempt. On the one hand, the sorts of things he "believes in" are in the eyes of the terrorists utterly depraved. But then, at the same time, even *those* commitments seem basically defeasible -- he shows no evidence of having any backbone and prefers to talk in vague terms about love and hope and bridge-building when any real clash of interests manifests itself. Thus, he is an enemy, but not the sort of enemy that commands respect.

Once he takes office he won't be able to remain quite as marshmallowy as he's been to date. So I guess a lot of things remain to be seen. But nothing that I've seen from him so far inspires much hope (heh heh) that he can be a strong leader in anything more serious than organizing a campaign.


Obama's election influenced all actions everywhere! He clearly is the bringing of change, and the most influential person in the world!


I'm thinging I didn't not want the double-negative. Or something like that.

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