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January 23, 2009



I am an indiot about economics, but I knew housing was a bubble because, at least where I live in Southern California, it was simply unaffordable for most people. You might say that has been true for years, but when we moved here 6 years ago it was much more affordable. If housing is too expensive for almost everybody, there's gotta be a bubble. I guess there is no similar way to judge if there is a dollar bubble.

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It is great that the dollar is getting stronger after the recession. Also it is good the market is growing and it is becoming more stable.

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Who knows... it's very weird because the dollar have been going down since the recession which is weird to me, I knew that it was going down for a while but right it's very low, where is that money ?

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Hello, i really like your post, but i have some doubts that i need to clear.

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