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January 25, 2009



Well, as the government expand and the number of federal employees increase, they'll create a demand for for some private sector services. You can't expect federal employees to mop their own floors or clean their own bathrooms. They'll wind up contracting many of those services out to private firms.

Now don't you feel better?

Nathan Smith

That's the Keynesian multiplier argument. It doesn't apply if you're at full employment, that everyone agrees on. I guess what I'm trying to do with this model is to cope with the fact that employees are not fungible. It's unlikely that the jobs the government creates-- directly and indirectly-- will be a match for the unemployed workers.

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I think they'll have to hire people with skills, specially in this topic, who will frequently be attractive candidates for the private sector as well, it is likely that many workers who will end up in stimulus jobs would have found jobs in the private sector.

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