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February 16, 2009



The protectionist part of the bill is enough for me not to support it. Protectionism is morally and ethically repugnant, and must be resisted at every opportunity.


This really disappointing and foolish. I had heard they threw out the original "Buy American" clauses after Obama opposed them, but I hadn't realized they'd merely substituted weaker versions of the same thing. In the long run it won't even save steelworker jobs, since the WTO is sure to force us to reverse course just like they did in 2003.

Nathan Smith

Question: Will the Democrats submit to the WTO? Let's hope they don't control Congress by the time the WTO's decision comes through.


Ideological blather aside, I can't imagine the Dems will ultimately buck the WTO. They're foolish in all kinds of ways, but not in brave ones.

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