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February 04, 2009



There's a lot of folks on the left who seemed to think Obama's pledge to listen to both sides of the isle was a lot of smoke screen, and now that the Dems have control of everything he should be leading the charge for revenge. Happily, he's instead acquiesced to (in my mind) perfectly legitimate complaints from the GOP against garbage like the Buy American clause. I even support the decision to take the family planning money out of the bill because this isn't a time to be reprising that fight. basically, Obama is losing Krugman because Obama is being resolutely centrist.

Granted, they certainly need to move faster, but, for example, averting a trade war is certainly worth a delay. The salary caps are even a fairly good idea, since it's a great way of making bank leaders try their best to get along without help. That said, it's too draconian, and might induce those bankers to allow their banks to implode.

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