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February 26, 2009


Joyless Moralist

Quite independently of whether or not any of these plans actually work out, it is pretty frightening to have someone who's been in office a matter of weeks wanting to throw this many wrenches into the works. I suppose that's partly related to the fact that he's new, and partly also to the fact that he's got pitifully little experience and I trust Obama's prudence about as far as I'd trust Cookie Monster in a Keebler factory. Like you say, this isn't focusing on fundamentals; it's Obama sitting down at the helm like it's some kind of Maxis game. Now, finally, he can do all those things that he always told people ought to be done -- punish the rich, guarantee medical care, build light rails, whatever. Problem is, this isn't a Maxis game, it's our country, and he's had hardly any experience dealing with the realities of all these measures.

Can't remember if you've already pointed this out, but if there were ever an appropriate theme song for Obama it would be the Beatles' "We Can Work It Out." Message: let's put aside those old and tired conflicts and move forward! By which I mean, everyone please bend over backwards to implement my pet schemes, and for those of you who passionately disagree with me, I'd appreciate it if you'd crawl into a corner and die now.

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