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March 20, 2009



My daily routine involves the newspaper and I would be sorry to see them go, though I agree that they have lost all credibility for objective reporting. I do wonder, nevertheless, if something will be lost by way of cultural unity a la the Benedict Anderson thesis. What Anderson hypothesized on a national basis works for me on a local basis. I always get a local newspaper even though they aren't the best papers because I like to know my community, like to know the controversies, the triumphs, like to see pictures of people I know there once in awhile and appear in a few myself. The local paper in a sense helps to create community and that would be a loss. The internet is not the same. In addition, many older people have nothing to do with the internet and the daily paper is really important to them.

Nathan Smith

A civil-society-published local rag could do that job at least as well as a major city newspaper, I should think. It could be put together by local people themselves, using professional content from the web.

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