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April 09, 2009



He's going to have a rough go on this one with falling employment.

Nathan Smith

Maybe, maybe not. People who are trying to sell a house may understand that immigration is needed to get surplus housing off the market. Also observe what's happened to employment since 2006 when enforcement was stepped up. Accelerating deportations hasn't exactly meant more jobs for natives. People might use a little inductive reasoning.

Anyway, I think people are worried about the long run right now-- observe the rise in savings rates-- so myopic short-run social engineering arguments may not resonate. At the end of the day, Americans need to pay off all these debts we owe or will soon be owing. That's easier if there are more Americans to do the paying.


Increased (legal) immigration might unstick labor rates that can depress growth. I'm not sure that sticky labor rates are really an issue in this recession but they have been before.

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