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May 14, 2009



George Will had a column on this today as well. It is shocking. Since I am studying Argentine history right now, I am thinking Obama is a kind of Juan Peron. Unions were also his base and he played fast and loose with the law to protect them. The results were not pretty.

Nathan Smith

I doubt that Obama is a Peron. Peron had an ideology. Obama seems more like a muddle-headed narcissist. As the anti-Bush, he has no vision, or one that is merely vapid and verbal.

However, the disordering of the distribution of power that is underway today is very damaging. For the government to have far-reaching and poorly defined powers to meddle in private business creates big incentives for lobbying, and makes political connections rather than entrepreneurial talents the determinant of business success. We need a smaller government, but more than that, we need a simpler one. We need to reintroduce the rule of law to economic governance.

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