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June 22, 2009



Thank you for this post. I thought it to be very valuable. It's nice to see someone mark the importance of morality.

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What a wonderful article you shared.I found that your article is so constructive and full with life wisdom.You must be a really mature guy!


He who loves knowledge loves truth, he who hates reproach is stupid.

I have spent the last two years reading through Nietzche's work, and never once did it occur to me that he was persuading me by the use of scorn towards other philosophies; while he did have some emotionally charged statements they generally were either leading from a previous argument or building to a greater point. Grabbing a Nietzsche quote at random is probably the easiest way to misinterpret/misrepresent him. His methodology requires one to read each book in its entirety;

What I find most distasteful in the article above is the unnecessary attack on Nietzsche for being a "loner" or a "loser" with no friends or family; obviously the author hasn't ever felt the loneliness of observance, of being a separate entity from society's entirety. If you think with your emotions you'll never be able to get through to the heart of Nietzche's message: that we can be better than we are, that we are not the final state of evolution, there is MORE, and that the time for evolution is now.

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