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June 26, 2009



Actually, it's already required that requesting your own report be credit neutral. Indeed, you can get a report every day without it impacting your credit. However, many states and possibly the feds require that every reporting agency give one free credit report to those reported upon annually. These normally cost perhaps $20 or so, so there's an incentive to make people think that requesting their report will negatively impact their credit. I've had representatives do that and it made me really, really angry. Currently I use a USAA service that's $6/mo for as many Experian reports as I please (I can refresh daily if I want) and then request the other majors once a year just to make sure they're all in sync, and I know first hand that it doesn't impact my score at all. Other people requesting my credit seems to drop me 4 or so points.

In any case, there's been a number of times when either debts were allotted to me erroneously (say, by vendors who had failed to cancel accounts when asked) or when I've been directly unaware (I believe I failed to cancel one of my utilities when I joined the Army and they were unable to contact me), or when they had simply recorded facts wrong ($3200 owed to me *by* a credit card company was being treated as my own debt), so that I have become a true believer in credit reports, especially now that I can get them online without it requiring a lot of paper correspondence at which I'm terrible.


Hmm... interesting. I can't remember the last time I looked at my credit. I know it was probably when I bought my house almost two years ago, but I don't remember looking at it. I'm sure it's excellent, but there could be errors in the report like Nato suggested.

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