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July 21, 2009


Joyless Moralist

Am I a coherentist? I've read a bit of the literature on it, but to be honest, I've never felt that the view was sufficiently well developed to make it at all clear what exactly it entails. As a practical matter, both foundationalism and coherentism seem to pick up on certain features of our intellectual development that I can recognize. I don't think either view has been made sufficiently clear for me to say whether I subscribe to it or not. Though I would at least say that surely any coherentist view that anyone seriously adopted would allow for a certain amount of fluidity, so that problems like the one you describe above would be, at the least, diminished. Nobody thinks that we have to adopt a full and non-negotiable set of beliefs about everything from the moment we have our first glimmer of consciousness or rationality.

I *do* certainly believe that epistemology can't effectively be separated from metaphysics. Any coherent epistemological view will entail substantial metaphysical claims as well; we can't "settle" the epistemology questions first, independent of metaphysics, and then move on to the latter. If you want to call me a coherentist on the basis of that belief, then fine.

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