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July 27, 2009



I don't have a lot of reference for what the cultural significance of jogging was in the 70s, but I can't see how it could be comparable to biking, as the latter is primarily a method of moving from place to place and the former is primarily exercise. Also, I am not aware of anything like actual consensus for global cooling, though I didn't live through the time and perhaps some scientific speculation got pumped up into a cultural phenomenon. Finally, the whole 'sustainability' meme has gotten pretty long in the tooth by now, to the point where I think it's safe to say that its cultural significance has passed its prime. This is not to say the sentiment isn't still there, but the successor terms on the rise are more specific and more solution oriented (e.g. New Urbanism, carbon-neutral, etc). Karlgaard's cultural perception seems effected by a willy-nilly hope that the future to be like a favored episode of the past. Nathan's comparison with Clinton is far more apt.

Nathan Smith

The place the economy is at might be a bit more like the 1970s, though. Unemployment was nowhere near this high in 1993-94.

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