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October 28, 2010



I remain unconvinced that passing the health care reform was more expensive than doing nothing. The way it was done certainly have serious flaws, and one can argue that this was worse than doing nothing because it forestalls the better options, but on its own it doesn't seem like it makes things worse than they already were.

Seriously, we'll need to do something much more radical to get away from employer-linked insurance. If the GOP wants to do it, great. But simply repealing (portions of) what's been passed seems likely to go in the wrong direction.

Nathan Smith

A simple repeal would be a big improvement since it would take away the very expensive subsidies that are due to kick in a few years. Better yet would be to repeal everything except the Medicare cuts.


Politically speaking, does it really seem like that's a plausible outcome? The political analysis I've read always points to the medicare cuts as being the most likely portion of the bill to be repealed. Maybe this is just the pessimism engendered by repeated senior's-groups victories over the years, but my anecdotal experiences with (for example) my own extended family leads me to believe that those groups will continued to be united and aggressive

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