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November 05, 2010



While I would appreciate moving faster to only targeting criminals - San Francisco is a "sanctuary city" in that it only reports undocumented immigrants with felonies to the immigration authorities, and I agree with that - it would appear that we are already on that trajectory. More worrying to me are the big 'stimulus' grants Obama made to Texas border police and whatnot that are being used almost exclusively for immigrant harassment. That's not the stated purpose of those funds*, but given that there was no oversight defined, it's hard to argue that the administration didn't know how they would be used. It seems the administration has been pretty much ignoring the whole thing, thinking that they need only avoid being actively bad to win most of the Latino vote. They appear to be correct, but it's still a morally torpid position.

*They were supposedly to help deal with drug violence spilling across the border from Mexico, but from what I've seen, almost none of the additional officers or equipment is being to deal with drug gangs.

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