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May 23, 2011



That is a remarkably silly response, to which I found myself experiencing a sort of emotional deja-vu that was surprising in its intensity. After a bit of searching through my personal history, I was able to trace it back to the feeling I had when I was riding home from a Jehovah's Witness convention, the only atheist in a car full of very devout JW adherents. It was September 15, 2001, and we were passing through Los Angeles on the 405 freeway passing all the dealership advertising billboards and mall displays, every last one of which was set to be an American flag. No further commentary necessary, because we all understood ourselves to be Americans together.

The convention speakers had - following central JW doctrine - exhorted attendees to reject the world, including that common national life and identity. It was at that moment, as I watched a plane taking off that I was a patriot, and that I loved out country so damned much despite all its warts, because it really did stand for something wonderful. Yet the otherwise very nice people with whom I was riding didn't respect any of that; didn't even notice it.

That was how I felt when I saw the unthinking contempt the author exhibits for America's highest ideals. He thought he was being contemptuous toward merely Mr. Smith (and women, I suppose), but really, that's not what he was disrespecting.

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